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The Certified Automotive Fleet Manager(CAFM®) is designed as a self-study program and everything you need is included in the Reference and Study Guides. If you learn better through audio and visual aides, NAFA offers an enhanced enrollment package which includes 3 to 4 hours of recorded webinars (slides and audio) for each module.

The CAFM certification program offers the most up-to-date fleet management education. Successful completion of the CAFM program requires passing all eight disciplines within a three-year period. The eight disciplines are: 
  1. Asset Management (AM)
  2. Business Management (BM)
  3. Financial Management (FM)
  4. Information Management (IM)
  5. Maintenance Management (MM)
  6. Professional Development (PD)
  7. Risk Management (RM)
  8. Vehicle Fuel Management (VFM)

The CAFM program is open to any individual with at least one year experience in any fleet-related position, as well as those enrolled in a college or university program in a fleet-related course of study.


Please note as of January 2022, this program is not currently available - please contact NAFA directly for more information.
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Inital registration in the full CAFM program is for three (3) years. Candidates are expected to pass all eight disciplines within three years of enrollment. Candidates enrolled in the full CAFM Program for three years may apply for up to two (2) one year extensions but only if they have registered for and taken at least one exam during the previous twelve (12) months.


NAFA’s new Computer Based Testing (CBT) platform will provide CAFM®/CAFS® certification students with an improved exam taking experience – from the comfort of your own office or home.

NAFA has implemented a CBT platform to allow those enrolled in CAFM and CAFS certification programs more flexibility when taking exams.

You will no longer need to schedule to test in a testing center and instead can test on your company or personal computer. This is made possible through the Artificial Intelligence (AI) proctoring feature that is embedded in the platform. The embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) proctoring ensures secure testing in your location. This will significantly improve the convenience of earning your CAFM®/CAFS®.
The structure and content of the CAFM exams has not changed – only the delivery and the proctoring methods. Here are some of the exam fundamentals:
  • Each exam has 50 questions
  • All questions are multiple choice
  • The candidate is allocated 60 minutes to complete each exam (if special accommodations are required, please contact NAFA 45 days in advance of testing)
  • Candidates will be notified if they pass or fail upon completion of the exam


CAFM®/CAFS® graduates must submit to the Recertification process every five years to maintain an active status. Graduates are notified in writing of Recertification requirements a few months prior to due date.  Graduates must complete and return CAFM®/CAFS® Recertification Guidelines along with $150 Recertification fee to NAFA Headquarters by formal due date to maintain the designation. For your convenience, there is an electronic version of those guidelines available by clicking here. While early submissions are appreciated, they will not be processed until the month recertification is due.

Individuals who do not acquire sufficient maintenance points for recertification by formal recertification date will be notified in writing of suspension from using the CAFM®/CAFS® designation and will no longer be recognized as a CAFM®/CAFS® and, therefore, must resubmit to the entire certification process. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis.

The Certification Board suggests that graduates keep a designated Recertification file to collect and document all professional education and community activities. You may also want to review your file and accumulated points annually to assess remaining points needed to successfully meet your Recertification requirements.

The requirements for CAFM® Recertification are 80 points while CAFS® Recertification requires 50 points.


Graduates of the CAFM program may obtain college credit for their certification through Ferris State University (FSU) in Michigan, Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario and Ranken Technical College in Missouri.

The CAFM program is eligible for 12 college credits while the CAFS® program is eligible for six college credits.

The CAFM program is recognized for partial reimbursement by the Department of Veterans Affairs:

The CAFM is a recognized Certification by the Department of Labor:

For more information on getting College credit for your CAFM/CAFS designation, please contact


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