About FleetPros

  • Founding Members

In the mid-1970's, Mainstem Corporation held a fleet workshop in Cherry Creek, CO. From this workshop, a small group of interested fleet managers and representatives from Mainstem developed the idea of forming a regional fleet management association.

In February 1976, a core group of fleet managers officially formed RMFMA - now FleetPros. Their insight and vision continues today. We would like to honor each of them for their service.

​Don Compton, Fleet Manager, City of Lakewood, CO
Peggy McManus, Administrative Assistant, City of Littleton, CO
Devere King, Manager of Fleet & Buildings, City of Thornton, CO
Steve Rolph, Fleet Manager, City of Commerce City, CO
Ernie Tangye, Fleet Manager, City of Aurora, CO
Homer Young, Asst Public Works Manager, City of Aurora, CO
Tom Bates, Mainstem Corporation
Woody Kaufman, Mainstem Corporation
Herb Kane, Mainstem Corporation
Don Henderson, Mainstem Corporation
Bud Story, City of Arvada, CO
Fred Seleck, City of Lakewood, CO
​Bruce Vandergaw, City of Fort Collins, CO